About Us

Our History
Believers’ Chapel Cortland started in April of 2014 as a church plant from Believers’ Chapel in Cicero. That April, we took over from Mosaic Ministries and started the church with less than 10 people. In the past few years we have seen God do remarkable things in this community. We have seen numerous lives changed through our commitment to sharing the gospel and loving the community that we are in. Over these first few years we have been able to see hundreds of backpacks given away, haircuts given, thousands of pounds of food, clothes, and household materials given away, events planned for the community, families changed, kids cared for, families made whole, relationships strengthened, people come to a relationship with Jesus, water baptisms, and so much more! These have been some of the most amazing years as a church but we truly know that the best is yet to come. In April of 2017 we were able to purchase our first building. We purchased a 20,000+ sq. foot building completely debt free. We are striving to see a community changed for the good, and we know that happens by impacting one person at a time.
We are a local church that exists to glorify God through all that we do. Our mission is for people to walk away with four things:

//Know God//

We want people to know that God has unconditional love for them. That He loves you exactly where you are at but loves you enough not to leave you there. He wants you to turn away from your lifestyle and live for Him. We know that God has amazing plans for each and every one of us and we want to glorify God through all that we do!

//Create Community//

We currently live in a culture where social media has tainted what true relationships look like, we want to strive for something more. We don't believe that church is just a Sunday activity but it should be more than that. Our goal is to cultivate a culture that has people cared for and loved where whether you are going through the worst or best times, you have people in your corner always there for you in any capacity. Come experience something that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

//Experience Growth//

We desire to see people grow! We believe that everyone was created on purpose and for a purpose. You were not a mistake! We also believe that each person is unique, with their own set of skills, talents, and abilities. We want to give people the opportunity to use their talents, grow in their strengths, find their purpose and fulfill their life calling.

//Make a Difference//

Lastly, we all want to make a difference and have our lives mean something. There is no greater cause than God's. We know that we can not only make a difference here on earth but really an eternal difference.

This is our goal for each person that walks through our doors. We want people to know these four things and we believe that is why we exist as a church.

See You There :)