Next Steps

Step 1: We want to see people come to KNOW GOD. We want to see people come to a life giving relationship with God.

Step 2: We are church that encourages WATER BAPTISM, a public testament of their faith. This is something that we offer about twice a year.

Step 3: Our hopes is that you will get involved into a SMALL GROUP. We offer a number of different small groups ranging from couples groups to men’s groups to women’s groups. We believe it is vitally important to have a group of people around you encouraging you and building you up and to have that community.

Step 4: Four times a year our we offer our GROWTH TRACK. This is a 4-step class that is available after both services. This is our membership course for our church but it is more than that. We encourage everyone to take the Growth Track to get to know who we are as a church and for you to discover who God has made you to be.

Step 5: We have an amazing group of people that make our DREAM TEAMS. This is our hopes for everyone that they will begin to live out what God has called them to do through our Dream Teams. These consist of our worship team, kids team, tech team, hospitality team, youth team, ushering team, and so much more! Come get involved and make a lasting difference!

We want to always encourage people to take their next step with their relationship with God and always want to be helping people get there and make it clear for people.